Design Photographer

Interior Design, Architecture, Real Estate, and more.

Photos may be used in print such as marketing brochures and post cards. Photos used in publications such as magazines (print or online) must be accompanied with the following photo credit: '©Kristi Stiff'


Photos may never be distributed or sold to any third parties for use in any way.  Usage rights must be purchased for every third party use.


Kristi Stiff may use photos for marketing purposes at any time unless prior written agreement has been made.

Suggestions Before Your Photoshoot:

Are you ready?


My goal is to present your home in the best possible light.  Below are some tips that result in the best possible photos.  Please have your home ready before we get there.  These suggestions also apply for home openings.  When you think your home is ready, have a friend or your real estate agent do a walk through for a new perspective.


  1. Clean: vacuum and dust well
  2. Remove all pet related items: bowls, toys, bedding
  3. Contain pets (they have a way of sneaking into the photos)
  4. De-clutter: remove some books, knick-knacks, items on kitchen and bathroom counters, most toys, awards, extra clothes, etc.  Also, consider removing small pieces of furniture in small spaces to make the room feel less cramped.
  5. Plan your photo shoot either before or after you have holiday decorations displayed.
  6. Turn on all lights, including outside lights, (replace any burnt out bulbs) and open blinds and curtains. The light, especially natural light, will make the space more welcoming.
  7. Remove toaster, coffee maker, counter top microwave, etc…
  8. Clear kitchen counter tops.
  9. Remove everything from front and sides of the refrigerator (magnets, children’s art, etc…)
  10. Remove garbage cans.
  11. Consider putting out table settings.
  12. Clear bathroom counter tops, except décor pieces.
  13. Remove items from shower.
  14. Put down toilet lids.
  15. Put out your best towels, nicely folded and neatly hung.
  16. Make all beds, limit the stuffed animals on the bed.
  17. Remove cars from driveway.
  18. Open patio umbrellas and fluff the cushions of any outdoor furniture, uncover grill – make the space look like you are expecting guests
  19. Clear leaves or debris from sidewalks, patios, driveways, etc…